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And now, some basics.

Do you have your own website already? (Please exclude pages on social media.) *

Do you own a domain name?  (e.g., *

Have you organised hosting for your website - space on a server where your website files are/will be located? *

If you have a website and/or domain name already, please state it here (no passwords needed yet, just the domain name - e.g.,

If you do not yet have a domain name, please state your preferred address here. Consider the suffix you would like - .ie, .com, .eu, etc.  If you have a list of possible alternative addresses, please state them here also. *

How many pages do you think your website will initially consist of? *

Next, let's discuss the purpose of your website and who your target audience will be.

Which of these best describes your proposed website?

"My website will be …"

If the previous question only partially explains the purpose of your website, feel free to elaborate here (optional, but the more details you provide at this stage, the better):

How does your typical visitor access your website? Please choose the option you believe to be the most common means. *

Once again, please choose the most likely option to complete this statement regarding your typical visitor:

"(S)he is most likely to be ... when visiting my website." *

How would you describe your website's typical or ideal visitor - age, demographics, personality, etc.? *

Now, moving on to inspiration. (Almost done!)

Please list between 1 and 5 websites that you like and/or visit frequently. For each, briefly describe an aspect that appeals to you. Some of these could be related to your own website’s intended industry or category - including the competition! However, others could be completely unrelated websites that you simply find aesthetically pleasing – use of colours, layout, a particular functionality, etc.

e.g: - I like this website because ... *

Consider a colour scheme for your website. Please list between two and four colours below in descending order - i.e. the first colour will be more prominent on the website than the others. The more specific the colours in the list are, the better! *

Do you have any content (a logo, text descriptions, photos, etc) ready to be integrated into your new website? *

Finally, if there are any particular concerns not previously addressed in this questionnaire, feel free to document them here.

Thank you for your time & patience. Your feedback will feature at the core of all forthcoming planning. We will contact you with a brief in due course.  In the meantime, if you have any further queries or concerns, feel free to contact us at

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